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The Importance of Surveying Q & A

We are considering purchasing a parcel of land and our Realtor told us we should really consider paying for a lot survey. Can you give us your opinion?

— Wendy and Tom, Williamson Valley

Wendy and Tom,

Thank you for asking for my opinion. You know I love to offer that!

OK, first of all, huge kudos and hugs to your Realtor! I know that you are probably thinking a land survey may seem arduous and unnecessary, but the fact is there are many illustrations and cases where a potential buyer should have had the property surveyed in advance of purchase. Most recently, I heard of three local purchases where the properties all had encroachments from adjoining properties; two major encroachments where the adjoining properties had constructed driveways and roads to their property crossing over and traversing the property that was just purchased. Now there are legal issues and not-so-neighborly discussions taking place.

Again, and I cannot repeat this enough, a survey can help you avoid problems such as possible encroachments on your property and believe me, they can become a bigger issue down the road.

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