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This project included the determination of over 400 proposed parcels for a utility easement required for the City of Palmview's proposed sanitary sewer collection system.  Surveying scope of work included:


  1. Topographic surveying and identification of parcel plats along the proposed route;                                                                                               

  2. Title/record research to determine the current owners of the land and for boundary verification;                                                                             

  3. Parcel plats with metes and bounds were produced for each parcel and submitted to the Owner for recording;                                              


Services provided included project management, quality assurance, topographic surveying, title/record research, and parcel plat preparation.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Site visits and Planning

  • Topographical Surveying

  • Title / Record Research

  • Preparation of Parcel Plats with Metes and Bounds description

  • Quality Control

Real property surveying services for multiple parcels of land located throughout Hidalgo County

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