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Palmview, TX - This project was a total reconstruction of an aging and sub-standard bridge that spans the Edinburg Main Canal owned by the Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 1.  In order to limit the invasive activities within the canal’s embankments, the new bridge was designed to span the entire width of the canal. 


The existing bridge was built in 1952, and although the superstructure and substructure were structurally sound, its narrow design did not adequately support the current traffic demands imposed by the City of Palmview’s growing population.

Scope of work included the design of a foundation that included 8 concrete support drill shafts that penetrate the ground to a depth of 40 feet.  These shafts support the bridge’s superstructure that includes concrete abutments, steel reinforced concrete I-Girders, 8-inch thick concrete deck, and concrete traffic rails. The150-foot bridge approaches were also designed and included a 2-inch thick HMAC riding surface, 8-inch thick caliche base, and lime stabilized subgrade.

This project was funded by the Urban County Program of Hidalgo County.  SAMES worked closely with the City of Palmview and the Urban County Program, to ensure funding source compliance during design and construction.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Topographic Surveying

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Design

  • Project & Construction Management

  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications

  • Bid Procurement

  • Quality Control

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