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Brownsville, TX - SAMES furnished all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and incidentals required for the design and construction of a building addition to the main boat and truck storage garage at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Brownsville Field Station in Cameron County, Texas.


Site work included demolition and removal of all existing asphalt, sidewalks and trees in addition to removal of CMU brick wall and overhead doors from main building for preparation to add building addition.


Building construction included building pad and foundation, installation of CMU brick walls, metal standing SEAM roofing system, doors, windows, cabinets, all partitions, utilities (plumbing and sewer), HVAC, electrical, and wiring for communication components.

All work was performed in accordance with the contract plans, technical specifications, the 2010 Uniform General Conditions for State of Texas Building Construction Contracts and the Supplementary General Conditions for Projects Administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Site visits and Planning

  • Topographical surveying

  • Geotechnical Study for sub-surface soil conditions

  • Preliminary Design and Schematics

  • Permit Acquisition 

    • ​​TxDOT Utility Installation Permit 

    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    • Storm Discharge Permit

  • Hydraulic Design 

  • Design of storm drain facilities and alternative designs for bidding flexibility

  • Budget Analysis

  • Scheduling

  • Plan and Specifications preparation

  • Bid Packet Preparation and Bid Procurement

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Management

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