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This project consisted of field surveying services subcontracted to SAMES for the development of the "Final Design for Marathon Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation Project for Marathon Water Supply and Sewer Services".  


Surveying services for this project included:

  1. collection of field data within project boundaries;

  2. collection of over 12,000 LF of site conditions along proposed sanitary sewerline alignment;

  3. horizontal coordinates based on the Texas State Plane system and coverage for one half foot contours;

  4. identification of property corners, limits of ROW, easements, tract corners, and section corners; and,

  5. setting of project benchmarks.  


Additional work consisted of development of exhibits and descriptions of easements (parcel plat metes and bounds, signed by an RPLS). Final deliverables consisted of digital (CAD) and hard copy format of survey services along with plan view sheets of collected data to the extents of the project limits.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Site visits and Planning

  • Topographical Surveying

  • Identification of Property Corners

  • Benchmark Establishment

  • Field Data Collection

  • Horizontal Coordinates

  • Quality Control

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