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Rio Grande City, TX - Elsa State Bank contracted SAMES, Inc. for the design and construction of their new 7,000 sq ft admin building/lease space.


The design services included architectural renderings, coordination of the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing specifications, civil engineering design for site improvements, drainage, detention, water and sewer utilities, and ADA compliance inspection.


The commercial facility required a fire protection system that was designed and installed by SAMES, Inc.’s licensed Fire Sprinkler Responsible Managing Employee (RME). All proposed improvements were constructed by SAMES, Inc. to local and state code regulations, as well as owner specifications.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Site visits and Planning

  • Topographical Surveying

  • Preliminary Design and Schematics

  • Budget Analysis

  • Preliminary and Final Design

  • Compliance with ADA Standards

  • Scheduling

  • Preparation of Plan and Specifications

  • Construction Administration

  • Project Management

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