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Rio Grande City, TX - This project was funded by TxDOT's Border Colonia Access Program (BCAP) which provides financial assistance to counties for roadway projects serving underdeveloped border colonia communities. This multi-phase project involved the design of a new two-lane roadway including curb and gutters that replaced a gravel road. 


The project included design of a new storm drain facility and a relocation design for several utilities that required adjustment.  AASHTO guidelines for vertical curves were followed in the design process due to the steep terrain in this region of Starr County.

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Topographic Surveying

  • Preliminary and Final Design

  • Hydraulics Analysis and Design

  • Budget Analysis

  • Preparation of Plans & Specifications

  • Bid Procurement

  • Project & Construction Management

  • Quality Control

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