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This project included professional development and engineering design services for the recordation and construction of a new subdivision.  The development process consisted of preparation of the subdivision plat including pre-application submittal, utility and drainage plans for City approval, preliminary plat approvals, final plat approval and preparation of Mylar for recording, and the construction drawings and Pre-construction NTP for the subdivision’s public improvements.  


The public improvements were designed in accordance with city standards and specifications, and included plans for waterlines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer system, sidewalks, driveways and pavement.  SAMES also provided bid procurement services, construction management and periodic construction inspection services.  


All subdivision application fees including change of zone fee, review fees and required agency fees for the processing of the subdivision were managed by SAMES.  

Project responsibilities and capabilities:
  • Site visits and Planning

  • Topographical Surveying

  • Preliminary Design and Schematics

  • Hydrology Analysis and Hydraulics Design

  • Budget Analysis





  • Scheduling

  • Plan and Specifications preparation

  • Bid Packet Preparation and Bid Procurement

  • Construction Administration




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